Let John Barera & Will Martin’s “Polaris” Guide You To Celestial Techno

Key to bliss flow.

Photo: Zander Price

John Barera and Will Martin have teamed up for their new record Proceed to the Root, an 8-track techno rendezvous that will be coming out on September 22nd. The duo shared an appetizer for it titled “Polaris” where the avalanche of synths and variegated cadence suspends you into the flow state. Somehow, the consistent current of splashy beats and swishing thumps organically takes you into the flow state – it holds the key to your anandamide or “bliss molecules.” Wade into the house of euphoria:

John Barera and Will Martin have released a number of EPs and techno over the years. Their upcoming record is a product of compartmentalization and diligence that the duo has achieved despite all the life transitions they experienced. After Martin got married and moved to New York, the former roommates weren’t able to songsculpt as much as they used to and composed all the music from their new record during small life interludes (train rides, airports, etc.) As of now, the duo hasn’t announced any gigs together yet, but expect to hear more from the two in the upcoming months.