Bring The Festival Into Your Ears With KSHMR & Maurice West’s “Festival Of Lights”

Celebrate the birth of Dharma with Festival of Lights.

Photo: KSHMR & Maurice West – Festival of Lights (Official Audio) YouTube

EDM demigod, KSHMR, has recently announced the launch of his new record label Dharma Worldwide and his upcoming EP, Materia. The Indian-American EDM icon will be sharing his new work and those of others via his record from now on. But the best way to celebrate the birth of Dharma is by dropping “Festival of Lights” with Maurice West into your ears. It is a natural fist-pumper that brings stadium-sized adrenaline into your body and the absence of lyrics (other than the comfortably bizarre nah-nah-nahs) lets your brain to make up its own storyline…or simply enjoy:

As expected, KSHMR is hitting stages:

Europe 2017 tour

7/28 – Festivalpark (Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic)

7/29 – Unite Tomorrowland (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)

7/31 – Black Sheep Festival (Novalja, Croatia)

8/3 – Summer Sound Festival (Rochefort, France)

8/4 – La Corderie Royale (Rochefort, France)

8/5 – Arenal Sound (Borriana, Spain)

8/6 – La Corderie Royale (Rochefort, France)

8/19 – Moovment Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)

8/24 – Czad Festival (Zyraków, Poland)

8/25 – Sunset Park (Jyvaskyla, Finlad)

8/26 – Mysteryland (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

8/27 – Creamfields (Daresbury, UK)

North America 2017 tour

8/11 – Story Nightclub (Miami Beach, FL, USA)