Liz Lokre Will Teach You How To Bid Adieu To Losers In Her Blazing Steamy Video “Buh Bye”

Buh bye Felicia.

Photo: Courtesy of Project Light Agency

Rising pop-soul artist from Toronto, Liz Lokre, delivers a steamy dance in her new video “Buh Bye” where her hypnotic vocals emit a blazing, yet crispy aura. There is edginess in the slow-burning soul soundscape that equally radiates in her outfit – it is slick, sharp and simple. Melodically, “Buh Bye” doesn’t swell or burst to make a big fuss about leaving someone; instead, it keeps a level of coolness and composure Lokre lyrically delivers. The trumpet interludes add an extra dimension of seductive elegance to it. Directed by Sean McBride and Caroline Torti, “Buh Bye” is the way you get over someone flawlessly and glamorously:

“This song is about the journey towards empowerment and how good it feels to confidently say ‘Buh Bye’ to anything that was holding me back” shared Liz.

Liz Lokre, who was formerly known as Liz Loughrey, grew up in a family of musicians and has been reading and writing since the age of 12. She has already made waves in the blogsphere and playlists around the world with her debut single “Rise Up!” last year. As of now, the songstress has a show date coming up:

10/21 – The Oakville Centre for the Perofrming Arts (Oakville, Canada)