Club Drive Brings Global Eargasm With Their New Pop Rock Single “International”

Global-sized love.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

British quartet Club Drive has been articulating its own vision of pop rock with previous singles like “Voyager,” where the band has found a way to frame its beliefs with the hookiness of hit-level pop. In their newest single “International,” Club Drive takes us in an intricate soundscape that has been polished with graceful details: the glinting samples, throbbing beats, and staggering percussions all collide and burst in the most gratifying fashion possible. This is what you play to start and end the night:

“‘International’ is by far one of our favourite tracks we’ve written to date, it includes all the elements that make Club Drive who we are and brings out the slightly riffier side in us. The track is a reminder that no matter who you are or where in the world you might be, love is a language that everyone can understand – that life’s way too short to be uptight so don’t forget to enjoy it along the way” shared Aaron (the dude who sings).

Club Drive has been making big waves across the press and around the world – they have been accumulating a gazillion radio plays and have been added to various playlists. As of now, they are hitting festival stages so send some international love to them if you happen to be in the UK.

7/28 – Standon Calling (Hertfordshire, UK)

9/2 – Fusion Festival (Liverpool, UK)

9/3 – Wilkestock Festival (Hertfordshire, UK)