Imitating Aeroplanes Frames Our Vulnerability To Time In Their Single “Hourglass”

Mandolaika-made hooks.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Recordings

When two great minds decide to join forces, they craft a synthetic universe that goes beyond our space-time continuum…or resuscitate their childhood basement song. Tord Øverland Knudsen (The Wombats) and Marius Drogsås Hagen (Team Me) falls in both scenarios – their newest collab project, Imitating Aeroplanes, is already opening us to a timeless dimension with its mesmerizing ambience and otherworldly loops. The duo’s new single “Hourglass” is a progressive piece that shares space with classical instruments and outré production. The impossibly catchy interludes of madolaika (mandolin and balalaika hybrid) and monophonic tune – which cracks at times to unleash airy note – craft a uniform atmosphere that feels timeless and continuous. It’s odd considering how the song taps into our frailty and limitations in the face of time:

“The lyric is kinda dark, but it’s optimistic in the sense of just living in the now, and always looking forward, and making the most of this small fragment of time that we have,” shared Marius.

Imitating Aeroplanes was destined to land into your ears – the two have been playing music together since they were 12 in Tord’s parents’ basement. “Hourglass” is one of the basement-made tracks that made it to their album. The song is based on the Japanese folklore figure Urashima Tarō, who travels underwater and returns to his village, only to find himself 300 years in the future.

“Hourglass” is from the duo’s upcoming album Planet Language, which is a kaleidoscopic twist of pop, psychedelia, rock, and funk. The album will be released on September 22nd via Propeller Recordings. As of now, Imitating Aeroplanes has a tour date coming up:

8/8 – Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)