Sotomayor’s “Afrika” Is Your New Indietronic, Dance Ritual

Pinch of tropical and coastal vibes.

Photo: Daniel Patlan

Sibling duo, Sotomayor, have been pushing the boundaries of indietronica since the beginning by bringing Latin-rooted beats into their soundscape. The two-piece act is back again with a new single “Afrika,” which we find them toning down their cultural influence and making space for tropical and coastal waves. The result is an avant-garde piece that triggers the universal itch to dance and while the lyrics are in Spanish, the lyrical simplicity allows the melody to flourish letting any listener around the world to fully connect to it. The monotonic vocals of Paulina feel as coordinated and telegraphed as the rhythmic structure that makes her sound almost like a robot – it gives a futuristic vibe to the beach-friendly track. Its an offbeat combo, but this oddness is what makes “Afrika” gold. Watch the video below where Raúl Sotomayor (the other half of the band) developed the visuals with the help of Salvador Trujillo:

“Afrika” is from the band’s upcoming album Conquistador (“Conqueror”), which was released on July 21st. Sotomayor, who are based in Mexico, gained wide recognition for their 2015 debut record Salvaje (“Wild”). Since the success of the album, the duo has toured around the world and played at major festivals. As of now, the siblings do not have any tour dates coming up.