BO Shares Her Tears & Pays Homage To Las Vegas In Her Video “Baby Come Back”

Nothing is as therapeutic as crying and dancing in the desert.

Photo: BO – Baby Come Back [Official Music Video] YouTube

With slow-burning beats that are charged with hefty emotions, BO takes us into the vastness and emptiness of Las Vegas in her video “Baby Come Back.” But instead of bombarding us with neon lights, excess culture, and slot machines, she takes us into the middle of the desert where she finds emotional sanctuary in the emptiness. She still pays homage to Vegas – you can see it through the Vodka bottle and heart-shaped sunglasses. What makes “Baby Come Back” from other heartbroken pop songs is BO’s voice – it is gentle but sharp. She hits bull’s-eye when delivering the sincere lesions of her heart:

“Like most songs on my upcoming album Wasting the Weekend, the key ingredients to ‘Baby Come Back’ were vodka, Christmas lights, and heart shaped sunglasses to cover my tears. The video was shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada and is an homage to the grit and glory of old Vegas” shared the songstress.

Based in Toronto, BO made her debut back in October 2016 and is planning to release her album soon. She lists “glitter, clean socks, lipstick, unemployment, sunshine” as her influences…so expect to hear more glossy pop with big hooks and DGAF edginess in the future.