Costera Captures The Nomadic Spirit Of Rock In “Viajemos Al Sol”

Your new inspo for summer roadtrips.

Photo: Costera – Viajemos Al Sol YouTube

Before the advent of summer, Mexican alt-rock trio Costera gave us a glimpse of their lives on the road in their video “Viajemos Al Sol” (“Let’s Travel To The Sun”). Since we are a little bit past the peak of the summer (fall equinox falls on September 22nd), it’s time to remind ourselves to take as many summer roadtrips as possible and what could possibly be better than Costera’s video to serve as motivation? Bouncing us from exhilarating builds to glistening guitar layers, Costera injects us with carpe diem air by showing us the mad crowd disease they experienced onstage and random offstage shenanigans that give it a personal touch:

“Viajemos Al Sol” is from Costera’s debut album Allies, which was released back in March 3rd. The trio has been making waves in the alt rock scene in Mexico and has already played at major festivals. As of now, Costera hasn’t announced any tour dates yet so watch “Paseo Sideral” ft. León Larregui below. It’s like rock Xanax: