Third Floor’s “Oceans” Is A Glimpse Into The Headspace Of Emotional Recovery

Antidote for the post-breakup mind.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Sydney-based producer, Third Floor (aka Aaron Bannie), takes us through the headspace of someone who is picking up the emotional shards of a breakup in his new single “Oceans.” While the velvety production and gently uncoiling vocals is far more peace-inducing than anything else, “Oceans” is a lyrically heavy track that taps into the inner distortion our minds experience during turbulent times. Although the song is a follow up of the storyline of his previous single “Can’t Do This Alone,” it feels personally intimate where Third Floor is inexplicitly sharing his experiences:

“This year I have been recovering from an Autoimmune Disorder, which had me undergo major surgery with a further two to go. I wrote this track during a time of emotional turmoil and hospitalization, and is a reflection of my headspace at the time,” shared Third Floor. “The single checks in on the story after the breakup [from “Can’t Do This Alone] and is taken from personal experiences…the remnants of a broken relationship and the agonizing conundrum of all the things left unsaid.”

Check out “Can’t Do This Alone”

“Oceans” will be available on Spotify and iTunes on August 3rd.