Adventures In The Underground Take Us Dancing With Toxic Relationships In Their Infectious Single “Streetlight”

As infectious as the relationship.

For those of you who are stuck in a toxic relationshitship or simply want a dance track with the sharpness of rock, Adventures In The Underground’s latest single “Streetlight” is the answer. The only answer. The rising duo from LA dissects the emotional heftiness and heart-wrecking effects that derive from substance abuse. Thematically, “Streetlight” is a gloomy track but AITU doesn’t mop through it. Instead, the duo explores such relationship with an array of strumming percussions and gives pulse to the song – rhythmically, the beats resemble a human heartbeat that is hopeful, hurt, and unready to let go. On top of these themes, “Streetlight” is layered with dance-friendly production that ironically makes it uplifting and heart-wrenching at the same time:

Produced by thanks., “Streetlight” is the second single of Adventures in the Underground who officially started releasing singles in June of this year. We don’t know much about them, but they sound like synthpop gracefully mated with alternative rock. You can stalk the duo on Facebook and Instagram.