Annie Hart’s New Video “Hard To Be Still” Was Filmed In Her Basement With Her Phone…And It’s Glorious

This is DIY 2.0

Photo: Sebastian Kim

Annie Hart (⅓ of Au Revoir Simone) proves to us that she is the ultimate DIY creative powerhouse when it comes to making music videos. Her new single and video “Hard To Be Still” is an objet trouvé for those of us watching an endless list of highly produced content that lack spontaneity and rawness of homemade films. There’s nothing wrong with those studio-made videos, but you can’t deny the irreplaceable closeness of a DIY video that uses simple elements to reveal a larger, intimate side of an artist. By merely using her phone and basement setting, Annie delivers a lighthearted and minimalistic performance of her single that is refreshing for its easiness. There are no distractions or embellishments, but only Annie delivering her dreamy ballad as she strikes her guitar. This is how Annie would look like if you attended a Sofar Sounds event where she would sing in a rad background:

“Hard To Be Still” (which was already featured on Netflix’s series, Gypsy, with Naomi Watts) is from Annie’s upcoming record Impossible Accomplice, out on September 15th. Annie started songsculpting on her own during Au Revoir Simone’s hiatus. Writing and engineering her debut solo album in her Brooklyn basement, she has been largely inspired by elements of post-punk and synths. As of now, the gal has some show dates coming up:

North America 2017 tour

8/24 – Garden Bar at South Street Sea Port (New York, NY, USA)

9/25 – Brooklyn Bazaar (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

10/15 – Hotel Café (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

10/16 – Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA, USA)

10/19 – Holocene (Portland, OR, USA)

10/20 – Timbre Room (Seattle, WA, USA)

Europe 2017 tour

10/1 – By The Sea Festival (Margate, UK)

10/2 – Shackwell Arms (London, UK)

10/7 – Le Popup Du Label (Paris, France)