Technicolor Fabrics Takes Us Into A Pop Art Simulation In “Tiernos”

Teasing pop-rock.

Photo: Technicolor Fabrics – Tiernos (Video Oficial) YouTube

Technicolor Fabrics takes us into a strange house that stretches reality to a surrealistic degree in the new video “Tiernos” (“Tender” or “Cuties”). There is a muted tension among the three protagonists, but the storyline evolves in an enigmatic fashion that toys with your perception of what this tension could be. In some ways, it feels like there is sexual/jealousy tension in the air while in other times it feels like there is a form of oppression among the tree characters. “Tiernos” is a teasing pop-rock that delivers starry-eyed words of wanting to wake up next to someone – yet the video is a puzzle that exudes a dreamy air, but the number of glitches or red flags you see makes you question what is going on. Directed by Fuerzas Básicas, which translates to “Basic Forces,” there is nothing basic about this video:

“Tiernos” is the quintet’s latest single, the follow up of their 2015 record Bahía Santiago (Santiago Bay). As of now, they have some show dates coming up:

8/4 – LiverPub Apizaco Concer Hall (Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Mexico)

8/5 – Foro Naual Teotihuacán (Teotihuacán, State of Mexico, Mexico)

9/30 – RockFestMX Voto Colectivo por la Paz (Toluca de Lerdo, State of Mexico, Mexico)

10/6 – Oktober Creel 2017 (Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico)

10/28 – Tecate Sonoro 2017 (Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico)

11/3 – Tecate Loation Torreón (Torreon, Mexico)