Build Bridges Not Walls With Anni’s Electropical Banger “Walls & Bridges”

Universal summer jam.

Photo: Anni Facebook

Helsinki-based artist, Anni, unveiled her electropical single “Walls & Bridges” – a collaborative project with the worldwide NGO MasterPeace. Before we delve into what MasterPeace is, “Walls & Bridges” is a thumping step-by-step piece that hops through your system with summer-slushed euphoria. It throbs a rhythm that vicariously transports you to a paradisiacal coast in a remote island where you’re dancing off your piña colada. It is catchy and provides a melodic ecosystem where all kinds of listeners can indulge together:

“We were meant to grow. We are here to expand. It’s such a beautiful world out there. So let’s build bridges, not walls. Both physical – and especially mental” shared the songstress.

The single is her collaboration with MasterPeace’s project Walls Of Connection, which reaches out to more than 40 nations around the globe. You can learn more about the project here.

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