Maximillian Explores The Eclipse Of The Heart In His New Single “Heard”

For every beginning, there is an ending.

With bold, arching vocals that lurk into your skin, Maximillian unveils the complex emotions that tangle our inner psyche when a relationship ends in his new single “Heard.” His grand-sized voice wavers and groans without limitations, pouring out the regret, wistfulness, and love that come with parting ways with someone. “Heard” is about the eclipse of a heart – it is the beginning and ending of a romance where by letting go of someone, you give them an opportunity to start new while you are heavily closing a chapter of your life. “Let the stories begin / Cus now you’re better off” croons Maximillian. He jumps adroitly across his registers while exuding a bleating air that reveal the inner lesions of heartache. The production starts out with intricate silence, but swells and crests with Maximillian’s voice:

“‘Heard’ is about feelings. It’s inspired by people and what happens around me. Like most of my songs it’s very personal but I prefer not to talk too much about the meaning of my songs. Listen to the words and make them your own – that’s what I like to do when I listen to music,” shared the singer.

Barely 18 years old, Maximillian has been making waves in the Danish R&B and pop scene for his undeniable vocal prowess. His live performance of “Feelings” has amassed thousands of streams within weeks and wide fanbase. If you happen to be in Denmark, make sure to go see him live:

8/29 – Train (Aarhus, Denmark)

10/28 – DR Koncerthuset (Copenhagen, Denmark)