The Vare Journeys Through Lust, Identity, & Youth In “Spot Dark”

Lush indietronic.

Photo: The Vare- Spot Dark (New Music Video 2017 HD) YouTube

Canadian duo, The Vare, has recently shifted its melodic gears by pursuing a more indietronic sound – but not the overrated mainstream one. Settling for a deceptively simple yet ornate sound, The Vare showcases a powerful production of fuzzed-out atmospherics and falsetto notes. Their highly sexualized video “Spot Dark” is as intimate as the lyrics. We see two lovers under different spotlights that reveal a distinct side of their identities. When they are together, they look like blissful lovebirds without any care in the world. But when we see them under pink neon lights or through blurry lens, you can capture a glimpse of the vulnerability and inner chaos that are buried within their psyche. Stream below:

“Spot Dark” explores the fear of not meeting expectations when you expose your true self. The smoky synths and croons illustrate the introverted struggle that we all face on a daily basis when interacting with people. Even those close to us do not know our full colors and “Spot Dark” demonstrates it by focusing on the facial expressions of the lovers together versus separately.

The track is from The Vare’s forthcoming EP, Shapes, which will be released sometime this summer. Formerly an indie-rock band, The Vare debuted its first EP back in May 2013 and has built a solid fanbases worldwide. They haven’t announced any tour dates.