Camden Cox Gives Us The Golden Finger In “Gold”

Shiny summer pop.

Photo: Camden Cox – Gold YouTube

It’s undeniable that we’ve reached the Golden Age – gadgets and lipsticks are rolling out gold lines; chefs are covering ice creams and pizza with gold (how do they taste? Wire us $2000 and we’ll let you know). UK electropop singer, Camden Cox, takes it a notch up by giving us the finger covered with molten gold in her new video “Gold.” It’s a lyrical video where Camden reminds us of the intrinsic gold we all have – whether that is authenticity, personality, dreams, or belief. Enveloped in glossy pop hooks, “Gold” has subtle trimmings of ambient music that rhythmically captures the spirit of summer. Watch below:

“‘Gold’ means anything that is taken from you – be it money, sex, freedom, favours, trust, etc.” shared the songstress. “‘Now I’m standing here alone, now you’ve got the gold, I should’ve known better’ expresses the stupidity you feel once you let the ‘Gold’ go and you realize you’ve given too much to someone else.”

“Gold” is the follow up of Camden’s single “20/20,” which has made her one of the most promising artists in the synthpop scene. As of now, the gal hasn’t announced any show dates yet but expect to hear more from her in the next upcoming months.


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