FRNCIA’s “Fuera De Tiempo” Will Suspend You Between Galactic Psychedelia & Ambience

Galactic etherealism.

Photo: Courtesy of FRNCIA

Argentinian experimental duo, FRNCIA, take us into the galactic psychedelia territory with their single “Fuera De Tiempo” (“Out Of Time”). The video showcases the duo in vintage aesthetics – it is almost chintzy, but the fuzzed-out visuals enhances the cosmic ambiance and ethereal air of the track. We see the vocalist Francisca Moreno Quintana dancing whereas Ignacio Albini (production) appears in some of the scenes, giving off an enigmatic vibe. Drenched with aerated synths, “Fuera De Tiempo” feels otherworldly and stretches you auditory senses beyond this earth:

FRNCIA formed back in 2016 and have been working on their debut record. While the duo hasn’t announced any show dates yet, expect to hear future gigs soon.