La Felix’ “I Wanna Know” Is Your Designated Disco Track For The Lonely Hours

French wave house

Photo: Artwork by Freakin Super

New Zealand producer, La Felix, takes a syncopated melodic trajectory in his chill-inducing single “I Wanna Know.” Switching from smooth croons to distorted artificial vocals, “I Wanna Know” delivers an outré combination of singing where La Felix takes you on a smooth solo dance. The French wave disco beats flirt with R&B elements, yielding an eccentric production that envelops you with a comforting loneliness. It is the type of track you’ll be playing during the ungodly hours of the night when you’re slowly starting to sober up:

“I Wanna Know” is the follow up of his collab single with That’s Nice, “Delicious,” and reveals the Aussie producer’s dexterity in making Xanax-like disco arrangements. As of now, La Felix hasn’t announced any new show dates yet but expect to hear more from him in the upcoming months.