Urban Cone Sketches Out Our Search For Happiness In “Pumping Up Clouds”

Some coloring included.

Photo: Urban Cone – Pumping Up Clouds YouTube

Swedish quartet Urban Cone provides us a simple sketch of our constant search for happiness in new video “Pumping Up Clouds” where we see a man trying to fill in his missing void. While the storyline is humorous, it illustrates how we tend to look for contentment in the wrong places. The protagonist’s friend tries to seal that existential emptiness with short-term instant gratifications like drugs and fastfood, which only leads to vomiting and a lot of red markers. The true answer might actually be within the lyrics themselves where frontman Emil chants about digging back into the past and finding joy in the old rather than constantly seeking for new pleasures. But again, we didn’t draw this so it’s always open to your interpretation:

“Pumping Up Clouds” is the quartet’s latest single, who haven’t announced any new record or tour dates yet. But expect to hear some big news later this year.