Juggling Two Things At Once Is A Double-Edged Sword In Sauropod’s New Grunge-Punk Single “By The Tree”

Explosive waves of punk rock and garage.

Photo: Jørgen Nordby

Drawing from ingredients of garage and shattering chords, Norwegian band Sauropod brings arena-sized zeal of punk rock with their new single “By The Tree.” It is densely detailed and bursts with booming percussions that crack open the organic edginess of the trio’s sound and aura. From the stacks of bass lines and drum hits, “By The Tree” also ventures out into the pop territory without losing its punk spirit, juggling between two genres like their lyrics:

“‘By The Tree’ is essentially about juggling two things at once, not knowing which one you like the most” share the trio.

Comprised of Jonas Røyeng (guitar & vocals), Kamillia Waal Larsen (bass & vocals), and Jørgen Natland Apeness (drums), Sauropod has recently signed to Propeller Recordings and will be releasing their debut album soon. They are also preparing for 2018 tour dates, so expect to hear more from the three soon. Meanwhile, if you happen to be in Oslo, save the date:

8/8 – Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)