Shower Your Ears With The Synthphoria Of New Portals’ “Feel Good”

Play what feels good.

Photo: New Portals Facebook

New Portals’ indietronic single “Feel Good” is a lush cataract of chest-expanding synths and percussions that drench you with a dreamy ambiance. Built on intricate and dense structure, “Feel Good” boxes you in its melodic territory and heightens your senses as it sends your blood rushing through your body. The croons of the duo feel intimate and gives a one-to-one proximity to the track that makes the listener feel closer. The tune, however, stretches to arena-sized length and floods you with gleaming notes that feel tangible. You can feel them running through you:

“Feel Good” is the latest single of the Belfast duo and the follow up of the EP Stereo, which was released back in March 10 and received raving reviews from international press. Since then, the couple have performed across Europe and built a wide fanbase for their solid performances. They have a show coming up, so go see them live cus it will make you feel good:

8/10 – Pop Up Presents (Belfast, UK)