Julian Borrego Swirls Psychedelia, Stoner Pop & Funkvana In “Xeriscape”

Funkvana – the semi-transcendent state where Borrego is pleasantly funking you.

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May PR

By now we all know that life is an incessant series of shitty/unshitty events with forgettable meh interludes in-between. Los Angeles-based artist, Julian Borrego, taps into that cycle of pleasure and pain in “Xeriscape” – a psychedelic-heavy piece that dissolves into a dimension of stoner pop, funk, and guitar swings. Built on a kaleidoscopic melodic structure, “Xeriscape” feels like journeying through a timeless universe where Julian’s soft croons and mind-stretching vibrance buries you further into your own existential psyche. You start realizing that pleasure and pain exist in mutual symbiosis – the best way to deal with these two fucking funking your brain is to remain detach and see it as a cycle like Julian’s “Xeriscape” portrays:

“Xeriscape” is largely inspired by Julian’s interest in ancient Indian philosophy and ‘maya’ – the changing cycle of happiness and pain. “I think the feelings that create my music are often an expression of ‘maya’; some higher, more unchanging spiritual reality, grappling with experiencing the drastic duality of being a human” shared the singer.

The track is from Julian’s debut EP Ouroboros, which came out on May 21st and you can stream below:

Julian is no amateur when it comes to music – he has already performed with a number of bands under the Universal and Warner labels, toured extensively with Stone Temple Pilots, and carries the creative gene with him (his grandpa played guitar with Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles). His works have been compared to the likes of Toro Y Moi and Tame Impala. As of now, he has a show date coming up so if you happen to be in LA, go see him live:

8/10 – The New San Fernando (Los Angeles, CA, USA)