Nathan Ball’s “Waste Of Time” Is For All Of Us Who Face Existential Crossroads

Soothing, melancholic dream rock.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Nathan Ball looks like he came straight out of the ocean in Venice Beach (California) and can semi-answer all your existential dilemmas (like it makes total sense when he says it, but when you muse over it on you own, it’s bananas). Two-thirds of what we told you is wrong – he’s a British singer who may not have the answers, but his dreamy rock piece “Waste Of Time” captures the existential web we all get tangled with when we are in crossroads with our careers. Breathing with a melancholic pulse, “Waste Of Time” gives a vivid vastness to dream rock with its uniform chord strikes and warm, hypnotic ambiance that makes you feel like you are swimming further into an existential sea. It is dark, but also has an undeniable light to it that unleashes all the psychological burden we carry in regards to where we’re going in life”

“Is it all a waste of time? / I’ve been driving round all night” chants Nathan.

During a complicated moment of his life where Nathan was musing over career paths, he wrote “Waste Of Time” as a way to re-evaluate what he really wanted with his future. “I remember as a kid being told not to wish my life away,” Nathan shared “and that has always haunted me. The idea of creating this persona of someone you wish you were, and living in that dream world and how that would impact the people close to you.”

A lot of his songs draw influence from his surroundings, especially nature since he is an avid surfer (of course he is) when he is not crafting music. As of now, he is based in London and will be releasing new materials soon. He also has show dates coming up:

8/18 – Green Man Festival (Brecon Beacons, Wales)

10/7 – Neighbourhood Festival (Manchester, UK)

10/19 – Bush Hall (London, UK)