Beachwood Coyotes Strums Our Strings Of Social Consciousness & Rock In “I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes”

Electronically-seasoned, socially-conscious rock.

Photo: Beachwood Coyotes Facebook. The dude in the far left is the long lost, un-EDM twin of Steve Angello

Beachwood Coyotes – the Los Angeles band that was born out of acid and Hollywood – tap into the racial relations in America in their new single “I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes.” Built on a tight production of gliding chords that are aerated with a fuzzy smokiness, the new single takes on a more electronic/funk trajectory that opens space for musing. The dreamy melody blends with the bitter undertones, letting the four gently dissect the absurdity that is prevailing across the country…and in other parts of the world as well. For a topic that people often brush aside to avoid criticism, Beachwood Coyotes find a polite way to kiss fuck you to apathy and kick you with social consciousness so we can actually start addressing rather than eyerolling racial issues. This should be played on the next march:

“I’m tired of rolling my eyes / I dream that hate is benign / I’m tired of wishing the nineties never died” chants the frontman Jason.

The track is from their upcoming EP Scrubby, which was produced by Austen Moret (Midnight Divide) and thematically deals with all the trials we have to go through as part of ‘growing up.’ The EP will be released…no idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUT seeing how their EP release party will take place on September, it’s fair to say end of summer-ish. Btw, save the date:

9/6 – The Satellite (Los Angeles, CA, USA)