FØNX Brings An Unorthodox Twist To R&B With His Debut Single “Can’t Get Enough”

What the fonx

Photo: Emily Nelson

Rising UK artist, FØNX, is one name that will start invading your playlist. His debut single “Can’t Get Enough” stands as an alien in the territory of contemporary R&B and pop – it throbs with a hip-hop pulse without fully giving into that genre’s territory. Instead, FØNX showcases his dexterity in using the speediness of rap in conjunction with the smoothness of R&B, which yields a rare exquisiteness. At first play, “Can’t Get Enough” instantly embeds you into its rhythmic realm for its avant-garde sound – the beats in this track are unexpected and might take your slightly aback at first. You can’t really tell if you like it in the first few seconds, but at the end of the song, it sticks to your brain. What the FØNX, right? Play below:

FØNX shared, “‘Can’t Get Enough’ came about whilst I was homeless and sofa surfing for a couple of months and after a very colourful twenty-four hours, I found myself writing initial ideas for the song.”

Produced by the Grammy winner Tommaso Colliva (Muse), “Can’t Get Enough” has the same type of mesmeric element that we see in many hits. The rhythmic structure and FØNX’s vocals may feel odd at first, but after a few seconds of digesting it, the track quickly spreads into your system. FØNX started playing the guitar at the age of seven and has been making music in a nomadic style, writing on trains, coffee shops, backstages, sofas, and other random places. He has already performed at various festivals including Cornbury Festival and Leefest. He hasn’t announced any tour dates yet, but you can keep an eye on him on Facebook and Instagram.