Pin Up Takes Love Drunkenness Into Chest-Swelling Pop Territory In “Everything Could Change”

Waltz with love.

Photo: Courtesy of Ventura Digital Audio

Montreal-based pop quartet, Pin Up, gives us a vicarious dose of today’s youth love in their video “Everything Could Change” where we see two lovebirds experience small instances of infinite bliss. With the use of choreography and simple, yet intimate moments that the protagonists share, “Everything Could Change” frames a doe-eyed romance with a realistic and dreamy cinematography. The track has the architecture of big mainstream pop, but is also encoded with a one-to-one intimacy that goes beyond its hooks. It glimmers with flirty notes that are built within a tight structure of crispy vocal layers and dance-inducing air, radiating the feeling of starry-eyed highs we get when we are in love. Hit play:

“’Everything Could Change’ will make you want to dance like no one is watching and serves as a reminder that love really can change everything” shared the band on Facebook.

Pin Up started songsculpting in 2011 and debuted their EP in July 2015 with the help of renowned engineer, Bill Szawlowski, of Ventura Digital Audio. The EP quickly garnered massive fanbase online and lead them to touring across Canada. As of now, Pin Up hasn’t announced any show dates yet but you can keep an eye on them via Facebook and Instagram.