Van Common’s “This Afternoon” Is Dream Pop For Your Inner Hermit

Hermit knows what hermit wants.

Photo: Danny Griffioen

Amsterdam-based artist, Van Common, carves his own dream pop territory where everything feels timeless and hazy in his debut single “This Afternoon.” The track has an opaqueness to it where the whispery vocals of Van Common and fuzzy melodic distortion gives the listener an abstract experience – you get isolated with the glo-fi notes and let your inner hermit take over you. The video shows Van Common in the ocean, awashed with the background color like a film from the 80s. Play below:

“A wasteland so bliss / Black swans under the sun / No watch on my wrist / My troubles are long gone” croons Van Common.

Sebastiaan van Ravenhorst is the 21-year-old mastermind behind Van Common who wrote his debut EP in a small beach house in Netherlands. “This Afternoon” is the first single that Sebastiaan has shared and resonates the crossover between dream and reality we often find in the comfort of isolation.

Van Common hasn’t announced any EP release date yet, but make sure you keep up with him via Facebook and SoundCloud.