Emmit Fenn’s “Everybody Else” Will Hypnotize You With Kaleidoscopic Euphoria

Jazz-infused, electronic meditation.

Photo: Emmit Fenn Facebook

Taking off with piano drips and finger snaps that quickly build into radiating auric beats, Emmit Fenn’s “Everybody Else” is kaleidoscopic dark piece of electronica where you get swirled into the aesthetic distortion. His buzzing beats and samples throb within an abstract melodic design that makes the listener feel like entering an enigma. The brevity of lyrics lets Fenn stretch your mind, letting you take “Everybody Else” to any direction – he even sings with a mumbling tone and distorted, robotic voice to let you fill the lyrical void with your thoughts. Listening to it, it almost feels like Fenn is giving you an invitation to stream whatever random thoughts you have with him. He snaps you out of this trance by wrapping up with the sax interlude at the end, showcasing his genius mastery in delivering exquisite notes til the last second:


“It’s crazy to think about looking back on it, but ‘Everybody Else’ was one of the first tracks that I made for the Prologue EP. It didn’t end up making the cut unfortunately, and I almost scrapped it completely from the project, but because I liked the track so much I decided to put it out anyways. It’s a little different then what most people expect which I think is the best part. It was just a super fun track to make, and my friend Hugo Shiboski absolutely killed the sax solo at the end. My project has always been about showing the different layers and sides of who I am as a person and as a musician and this track is no different,” Emmit explains.

Emmit Fenn is barely 21 years old, yet he has already topped the charts on HypeMachine, accumulated more that 25 million streams on Spotify, and collaborated with big international artists including YUNA. As of now, Emmit is planning to drop his EP Eclipse on August 21st.