The Sidecut Project’s “Dear Friend” Is An Open Synthpop Letter To The Human Spirit

Big pop hooks with intimate themes.

Photo: Madelaine Meier

German/Aussie duo, The Sidecut Project, time-capsules significant moments that both have experienced in the new EP Dear Friend. Most of the songs feel romantic, but worn with nostalgia; while the buoyant synths takes us dancing between notes, the lyrics journey through complex topics of growing up, loss, and long-distance relationship. Although the songs are glossed with the hookiness of big pop, The Sidecut Project doesn’t offer a starry-eyed version of the trials that the two went through as two people trying to find each other. Through their single, “Dear Friend,” they give us a taste of the thematic richness and outré production that their EP packs. Check out “Dear Friend” below:

“The four tracks were inspired by losing a grandparent, experiencing the Day of the Dead in Mexico, and dealing with distance in an international relationship. They explore themes from friendship, loss and longing, to nostalgia and defining moments. The title track is an open letter to the friends we hold dear through time and make us feel like no time has passed at all.” shared the duo.

Comprised of Ivo Theimann (Germany) and Emily Johnston (Australia), The Sidecut Project formed back in 2014 when the two met while studying abroad in Bogotá, Colombia. After spending few years working long-distance, the two decided to meet up in Bogotá in 2016 in order to release their debut EP Here We Go. During their time together in Colombia, they started working on their second EP Dear Friend, with the help of the Colombian production company MyCreateam. As of now, the duo hasn’t announced any EP release dates yet, so keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram.