Vic Shinobi Takes A Gutsier Hip Hop Route With His New R&B Single “Too Long”

Patience can expire.

Photo: Courtesy of Vic Shinobi

“I’ve been waiting for too long / I’ve been swinging back and forth” chants Vic Shinobi in his new single “Too Long.” The Danish R&B artist dives deeper into the hip hop territory and his own inner demons as he lays out the fear and despair he wrestles with when faced with the burden of time. With bass lines that throb like a bruised heart, “Too Long” rockets into frenzied, ambient peaks that lure you into its dance-rap atmosphere. Shinobi’s voice hopscotches between a chest-pounding cry and smoky moan – despite singing about despair, there is an undeniably sensual tone that makes it exquisite and not tantric. Stream below:

“Too Long” is the follow up of Shinobi’s single “Closure,” which has stacked thousands of streams across the web. Both tracks are from his upcoming 4-track EP, which will be released sometime soon. Meanwhile, keep up with the mysterious singer via Facebook and Instagram.