Bunny Shoots Down The Antique Notion Of Female Submission With Her New Single “Let Me Be Your Dog”

Sarcasm is weapon in disguise.

Photo: Alexa Viscius

Jessica Viscius, the gal behind Bunny, shoots bullseye the outdated notion of feminine submission with her new single “Let Me Be Your Dog.” Using sarcasm as her weapon, Bunny calmingly toys with the stereotypical weakness, hopelessness, and dependency that surround women. In a delicately acoustic soundscape, Bunny cons those who still cling onto ancient gender notions with her soft whispers and piercing sarcasm. “Let Me Be Your Dog” is a sweet fuck you to the old gender expectations that refuses to expire and continue rotting humanity:

“Let Me Be Your Dog” is from Bunny’s upcoming EP, Sucker, which will be out later this year. If you happen to be in Chicago or Bloomington, go say hi to her:

8/23 – The Whistler (Chicago, IL, USA)

9/2 – The Hideout (Chicago, IL, USA)

9/15 – The Bishop (Bloomington, IN, USA)