When You Existential GPS Breaks Down (Again), Play NONA’s “Fathers Day”

Indie rock for the lost human spirits.

Photo: Courtesy of NONA

We all get lost and confused with our lives sometimes. It’s called an existential fart – once in awhile, it just comes out and starts reeking of rotten thoughts and confusion that start hindering sanity from reaching your brain. When it happens, the best way to deal with it is by playing NONA’s “Fathers Day.” We know that this is the last national holiday (is that even a holiday?) you want to think about, but “Fathers Day” is actually about finding trust in yourself again. Built on a vast range of swirling guitar strings and airy drums, “Fathers Day” has almost a kaleidoscopic melodic structure to it. NONA time-capsules us to certain memories with his father, exposing the vulnerability and uncertainty we all hide beneath our adult skin:

“When writing my new single ‘Fathers Day’, I realized that everyone is a little lost – that gave me some solace in trusting my own opinions. The song sheds some new light on my childhood and inspired some conflicting realizations about my last few months with my father.” shared the singer.

NONA is the solo project of LA artist Michael Goldman, who has played in other bands including Goldroom and The Moth and the Flame. “Fathers Day” is his first single and appetizer for what we can expect from his new project. He’s set to perform at Echo Park Rising, so if you happen to be in Echo Park, go see him live and buy us pizza (from Masa):

8/19 – Echo Park Rising – Taix Champagne Room @ 3:15pm (Los Angeles, CA, USA)