BOYS’ “Why Were You Alone” Will Get You Stoned With Dream Pop

For solo stoners.

Photo: Horatio Earl Monge

Forget those ohm-chanting, deep meditation music – UK quartet, BOYS, will help you reach nirvana like a true meditator or stoner with their single “Why Were You Alone.” Washed with hazy synths that uncoil in smoky fashion as you get carried by the bouncing chords, “Why Were You Alone” drifts you into a lucid dream-like state where you shuffle through all kinds of past. The humming incomprehensible choruses feels like an earjob – you don’t want to fully understand what’s going on, but the voice feels soothing and seems to agree with whatever thoughts are streaming inside you. BOYS let their listeners to expand “Why Were You Alone” in whatever direction by maintaining a melodic opaqueness. Let’s get high:


Based in West London, BOYS started songsmithing together in 2014 and have debuted their EP American Dream back in October 2016. “Why Were You Alone” is from their second EP, Dreamland, which was released back in June 28th. As of now, they have some show dates coming up:

8/18 – The Delancey (New York, NY, USA)

9/9 – Camden Assembly (London, UK)