Take A Break From Adulting With thanks.’ New Indietronic Pop Single “Loose Gun”

Reminiscing the days when weekdays were as fun as weekends.

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

LA-based indie rock duo, thanks., summarizes adulthood in three slick sentences: “And I wonder / Where the time goes / I do it all just for the weekend.” Shooting us back with memories of being carefree kids where the line between weekdays and weekends were blurry, thanks. shoots bullseye at our nostalgic heart. While the song takes off with a weightless tranquility, the sharp, rustling synths and arrhythmic drums quickly hop in, bringing funky distortion into the piece. The duo toys with polar opposites, starting off slow before sending you jumping with the upbeat percussions. Melodically, it resembles the feeling of experiencing nostalgia – most of the times you’re in auto-pilot mode and then, out of the blue, old memories start aiming at you. Hit play:

“Loose Gun” is from the duo’s upcoming debut album, Colfax, which was named after the location of their recording studio and will be out later this year. Comprised of Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta, thanks. started crafting music together after meeting at Berklee College of Music in 2009. The duo has already sold out shows across Southern California and is quickly making buzz with their upcoming record. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram.