Andi’s “Half Home” Is For All The Young Souls Who Live Between Transitions

For all of us stuck in transitions.

Photo: Courtesy of Andi

With adulting comes great responsibilities…and by responsibilities we mean taxes, gazillion errands, and finding home. Andi captures this confusing and often exhausting transition in her new pop single “Half Home”, where she untangles the tension of change through warm glimmering chords. It’s not a glossy pop, but one that embraces the unglamorous uncertainty and burden of life transitions. Her smooth vocals ring our desire to have a home, but also radiates the nomadic spark that keeps us moving. It is a midtempo, indie pop ballad that exudes a pinch of heart-warming melancholia where the longing for a home is met with enjoying the transitions. Stream below:

“This song is about being young and in a transitionary stage of life. When I wrote the track I was alone on the road, floating from recording sessions to rehearsals, and crashing in my car between gigs. Writing this song helped me embrace living in a state of change.” explained the songstress.

“Half Time” is from Andi’s debut EP, Sketches, which landed top #4 in the national CBC Searchlight competition. As of now, the rising poptress is on tour with her 9-piece live band, so if you are in Canada, go see her live:

8/16 – The ebar (Guelph, ON, Canada)

8/17 – This Ain’t Hollywood (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

8/19 – The Record Centre (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

8/20 – Mademoiselle (Montreal, QC, Canada)