If You Need Neo-Funk Disco, You Should Be “Going West” With Park Hotel

Time to hit the funk waters of post-electronic music.

Photo: Luca Campri

British duo, Park Hotel, emits an offbeat magnetism in their video “Going West.” Using color-popping visuals, the video captures the dynamics and outré performances of the two who blends cowboy fashion with contemporary one. “Going West” also has the same futuristic retro feel to it – the elements of old-school disco and modern electro-funk fuse together, yielding Park Hotel’s own dance sound. Watch below:

Comprised of Tim Abbey andRebeca Marcos-Roca, Park Hotel first started songsmithing with producer Eliot James back in 2016. After debuting their single “Gone As A Friend”, they started making waves across the media and London scene for their eccentric dance-inducing beats. As of now, they are currently working on their debut album and has some show dates coming up:

9/7 – Bestival 2017 (Dorset, UK)

9/14 – Pickle Factory (London, UK)