Sam Frankl Taps Into The Housing Estate Crisis In The UK In “Gold Rush”

Catchy AF protest song.

Photo: Sam Frankl – Gold Rush YouTube

Rising singer and established poet, Sam Frankl, embarks on an alternative pop trajectory to raise awareness on the housing estate crisis in the UK in his new video “God Rush.” Living only five minutes away from the Heygate Estate in South London, where thousands of homes were destroyed due to lack of funding, Sam projects his firsthand experience in his new video. We see him inside an apartment that is crumbling down as the tenants cling onto their homes till the last minute. Built with dense percussions that throb with an anxious heartbeat, “Gold Rush” is exhilaratingly catchy that lingers in your system even after it has ended. Watch the video below:

Produced by Rob Brinkman (Myumford & Sons), “Gold Rush” moves on a cadence that radiates a protest march as Frankl’s vocals lead the way. It is the debut single of the up-and-coming artist, who used to be an editor of London’s le cool and has had a number of his poems published across various magazines. AS of now, Frankl has a show date coming up:

10/11 – St Pancras Old Church (London, UK)