Bid Farewell To Reality With Bloody Beach’s Surfrock Single “Au Revoir”

Norwegian surfrock.

Photo: Øystein Grutle Haara

Norwegian quintet, Bloody Beach, utilizes an array of psyche rock, swishing synths, and surfrock to create vintagy, otherworldly vibes that jettison us to a separate universe. Their latest single, “Au Revoir,” is fuzzy slice of surfrock that washes us with warm narcotic waves. It is melancholic, but is also tempered with an offbeat rapture that lets you swim far out of nostalgia and shuffle through new thoughts that starts streaming. Hit play:

“Au Revoir” is from Bloody Beach’s new album Boys, which was released back in August 11 of this year. Since releasing their critically-acclaimed single “Quembo Que” in 2011, the five-piece act have played across various festivals in Europe and even in the US. As of now, Bloody Beach hasn’t announced any show dates yet, but expect to hear more from these five soon.