Blondage New Synthpop Single “BOSS” Is As Good As The Sound Of Money Rolling In

Unapologetically flawed & glamorous duo.

Photo: Jason Idris Alami

Danish duo, Blondage, hybridizes electropop and hip hop in the latest gold banger “BOSS” – it does not fall into one genre or another, but blends them up like a piña colada smoothie. Finding a midpoint between the rushing hip-hop tempo and hook-centric speed of pop, “BOSS” sends its ear-twinkling beats at a digestibly cathartic pace. The balance between the ringing vocals of Pernille Smith-Silvertsen and deep snappy voice of Esben Andersen yield a contagion-level party dynamic that is hard to resist. Chanting about money raining and being a boss, this is a track that will give you the millionaire-highs even if you might be a hundredaire:

Blondage have been songsmithing together since 2012 and have become widely known for crafting big pop that embraces hot mess glamour. These two are not afraid of admitting their penchant for getting high and being unapologetically flawed. As of now, the duo has some show dates coming up in the fall:

10/6 – Kulturmaskinen (Odense, Denmark)

10/7 – Konfus (Esbjerg, Denmark)

10/13 – Kulisselageret (Horsens, Denmark)

10/14 – Atlas (Aarhus, Denmark)

10/20 – Studenterhuset (Aalborg, Denmark)

10/21 – Bygningen (Vejle, Denmark)

10/27 – Vega Musikkens Hus (Copenhagen, Denmark)