Geowulf’s “Drink Too Much” Is About What Causes 90 Of Our 99 Problems

Catchy pop that we can all relate to…too much.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Aussie duo, Geowulf, nails the main cause behind 90 of our 99 problems in the new dance-inducing pop single “Drink Too Much.” Let’s face it – the remaining 9 problems are out of our control like taxes, shitty weather, dying phone battery, etc. “Drink Too Much” is simple and doesn’t dissect any existential or emotional crisis, but it is a slightly humorous admittance of a basic human flaw that we indulge. The hook lies both in the melody and concept. Although it’s pop, there is an infusion of funk and shoegaze that adds a layer of fuzziness into the track, giving a vintage feel to it. You get immediately plugged in with all the past drunk memories (at least those you can remember) that will make you cry and laugh as the empathetic choruses of “Cus I get myself into trouble when I drink too much” washes through you. This song totally gets you:

“Drink Too Much” is the latest single of the duo, who has released the EP Relapse back n May 31st. Since their EP, the duo has been hitting big festival stages and working on their debut album, which will come out in 2018. Expect to hear new music from the two in the upcoming months.