Alex The Astronaut Is Making Hiding Unsexy With “Not Worth Hiding”

Don’t eclipse your identity and sexuality.

Photo: Alex the Astronaut Facebook

Aussie indie folk singer, Alex the Astronaut, doesn’t want you to eclipse your identity and sexuality in her new single “Not Worth Hiding.” With glimmering guitar strings and violin interludes, “Not Worth Hidding” journeys us briefly through the pains of growing up and often repressing ourselves for the sake of keeping up “normal” appearances. While melodically the tune is soothing and injects you with warm summery vibes, Alex’ words convey a powerful message in embracing who you are. Especially with all the chaos and shitnenigans going on in the world, “Not Worth Hiding” is the kick our minds need to start accepting who we are. Once your self-perception changes, that’s when you start making big changes:

“Not Worth Hiding” is from Alex’ second EP, See You Soon, which will be out on October 6th. It is the follow up of her debut EP, To Whom It May Concern, which she released back in March and includes her popular single “Already Home”, which amassed more than a million plays on Spotify. As of now, Alex has a show date coming up in London:

9/25 – Bush Hall (London, UK)