Typeface’s “Someone Else” Is Your Designated Darkwave Love Song

Big emotions washed in dark waves.

Photo: Julia Kiiskinen

In a world where love songs are heavily sugarcoated with pop, Typeface brings an ear-refreshing love ballad that is painted with elements of new wave and post-punk in their new single “Someone Else.” Thriving in dark beats, “Someone Else” radiates the weightiness of the heart when it comes to love; instead of focusing on the buoyant effects, it sheds light to how much we value it – often to the point of fearing it. The shaking vocals and grand-sized synths add a theatrical touch to “Someone Else” whereas the swelling ambiance bounces you between 80s and contemporary soundscapes. Stream below:

“‘Someone Else’ is actually a pure love song, shrouded with echoes and shades. Influenced by the post-punk and new wave era, Someone Else relies on big emotions and catchy melodies.” shared the band.

Originally from Finland, Typeface debuted its first EP, A Thousand Years, which quickly garnered listeners around Finland. The band grew from playing intimate gigs to big stages such as Helsinki’s The Circus and Tamepere’s Parkkahuone. With an expanding fanbase and evolving sound, Typeface started making new music with the producer Jaani Peuhu (Iconcrash) who also shares their passion for dark Nordic beats. “Someone Else” is the product of their collaboration. As of now, Typeface does not have any show dates coming up but expect to hear more new songs from the band this year.