Phonecrastinating Is The New Relationship Killer In MALKA’s New Video “Falling”

Dining etiquette is dead.

Photo: MALKA – Falling YouTube

Scottish experimental poptress, MALKA, shows us the number one relationship killer when dining with your sweetheart: phone. With buoyant synths and silvery vocals, MALKA envelops us into a tension-filled moment when we avoid issues – whether they are from relationships, society, etc. – by gluing our eyes on the screen to scratch our reward center. The video shows a couple seated at a table as if they were on a date – yet, we see the discomfort in their faces as they meet each other’s eyes. While we don’t know much about the couple, intuitively we know that these two have issues and are dying to check the phone to avoid facing each other:

“The idea reflects the importance of confronting issues, and talking them though. It emphasises that the art of conversation can easily be lost to a phone or device, which can cause resentment and angst. Talk about things and act on them, instead of wasting your time looking at nonsense on your phone.” shared the video director Lee Bamsey.

“Falling” is the third single of MALKA’s upcoming album, RATATATAT, which will be out on October 20th. The album is the follow up of MALKA’s debut record, Marching To Another Beat, which came out in 2015 and has been widely praised by the media. The new record will have “lots of political references, albeit hidden behind pop melodies” according to MALKA. As of now, MALKA has tour dates coming up:

11/1 – Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh, UK)

11/2 – The Hug and Pint (Glasgow, UK)

11/13 – The Walrus (Brighton, UK)

11/14 – The Lexington (London, UK)

11/15 – Hare & Hounds (Birmingham, UK)

11/16 – The Wonder Inn (Manchester, UK)