Adrian Underhill Explores Silenced Voices In His New Single “Cruel”

Experimental pop against silence.

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Photo: Courtesy of Adrian Underhill

Through uncoiling chords and synths, Adrian Underhill peels off the layers of silence that suffocate the voices of those repressed in his new single “Cruel.” Built in a smooth structure, “Cruel” throbs in a rhythm that feels like it’s constantly moving forward, but is even-keeled. As a result, it opens up a space for reflection to the listeners as well as a place for Adrian to safely stream his thoughts to us. Injecting a micro-dose of pop into the experimental beats, Adrian presents “Cruel” under an outré spotlight that is addictive for its unexpected hooks. Stream below:

“It comes from a place of honestly trying to listen and hear other people’s experience of the world – particularly those whose voices are often silenced and shut down. I think those are the voices we need to be listening to and raising up right now.” shared Adrian.

“Cruel” is frm Adrian’s upcoming debut album CU Again, which will be out later this year and was produced by Kindness (Robyn, Solange, Blood Orange). Adrian, who is originally from Vancouver, spent most of his time playing rock bands and making lo-fi recordings before he jumped towards a more 70s/contemporary production. As of now, Adrian is preparing to release his album, so he hasn’t announced any show dates yet. But you can easily find him on Facebook and Instagram.