HAARM’s “Valentine” Is For Everyone In Emotionally Abstinent Relationships

There’s always that one person who can’t practice abstinence…emotionally

Photo: Courtesy of Wall Of Sound PR

Liverpool-based, alt-pop quartet HAARM explores our modern day romance woes in the new single “Valentine.” Capturing the problems that arises when one person wants something beyond sex, “Valentine” sinks its teeth into the realistic outcome that two emotionally incompatible people meet. Oddly enough, the densely structured synths and shoegazy atmosphere of the piece produces a daydreaming effect. The swollen beats radiate some of our tendencies to idealize an individual or situation rather than see it from a detached perspective. We know it’s going to hurt, but we can’t help but indulge in it – just like “Valentine”:

“The song is about a purely sexual relationship, but there’s always that one person that wants it to become something more – it’s a classic unrequited love story.” shared HAARM.

Formed back in early 2016 when Jen (vocals, keys), Chris (vocals, guitars), and Olly (drums) were drinking at 4am in some underground tequila bar, HAARM crafts a sound that is as oddly pleasing as its founding story. The bassist, Dylan, was forced to join the band since he is Olly’s brother…just kidding. Maybe.

HAARM has already made waves in the radio stations with their previous single “In The Wild”, which got synced to various international events including Europa Cup and TV shows. As of now, HAARM has a headline show coming up on October 13th, venue details will be revealed closer to the show date.