Sarah Cripps’ “Leaving Behind” Is The Beginning Of Your Love For Your Own Weirdness

Indie folk for the weird soul.

Photo: Sarah Cripps Facebook

With an air of melancholia that uncoils as the gleaming strings stride you through self-reflection, Sarah Cripps’ “Leaving Behind” is about breaking out of the cocoon that society often shovels us in to keep things normal and dully “safe” (whatever “safe” means). Cripps doesn’t need to sing over her lungs and go against society, instead she recognizes that most of her battles can be fought by accepting and embracing one’s weirdness. The fuzzy atmospheric background and gliding guitar strings make “Leaving Behind” a sweet departure/beginning song that is perfect for reflective moments:

“I was struggling with the perception of who I thought I was supposed to be, and who I truly am. It left me feeling pretty dark at times. It was making this record that helped me decide I would embrace the darkness and the weirdness…Although ‘Leave Behind’ is a reflection of losing myself and some of my lowest moments, ultimately, it’s the turning point that gave me the guts to just embrace the weirdness.” shared the songstress.

“Leaving Behind” is the first single off her new record, which she hasn’t announced any release dates yet. Originally from Ontario, Sarah Cripps has been songsculpting since 2003 and won the Toronto Independent Music Award for her warm – and often haunting – sound that scratches our inner psyche. While Cripps hasn’t shared any show dates yet, she has hinted us about a new music video coming up soon.