It’s Time To Hit The Dark Waters Of Trance With THAT KIND’s “Closer”

Techno made in the shadows.

Photo: THAT KIND Facebook

Old school electronica duo, THAT KIND, specializes in producing bone-chilling beats that vibrate through your veins with a dark euphoria. The duo’s latest single “Closer” hits the spot again by letting us indulge into the dark waters of trance music where we get emerged into the fluid moodiness that keep pushing our emotional buttons with its glinting beats. It time-capsules you into classic techno air, but also scratches your novelty-seeking reward center with its emotive arrangement of synths and hypnotic vocals. Stream below:

Since releasing “Want You”, THAT KIND still hasn’t shared who they are. All we know is that the producer dude wears a hat and the vocalist gal has badass bob hair. Follow the two on Facebook and Instagram.