Nomadic Indie Rockers, Bend Sinister, Want Us To “Walk The Other Way”

Meet the Rockers’n’Gatherers of Canada.

Photo: Paige Sierra

Canadian quartet Bend Sinister may have adopted the nomadic lifestyle of our ancestors in the past 12 years, but instead of hunting-and-gathering they’ve been rocking-and-gathering lots of good stories that have made in their records. You can feel it from their seasoned indie rock sound that incorporates a luring, feel-good rhythm and adrenaline-driving chords that strike your consciousness. In their latest single, “Walk The Other Way”, Bend Sinister almost feels like they’re calling you to march to their rhythm and melodic heartbeat to stop overlooking what’s going on in the world. It is a grand-sized, celebratory piece that resuscitates your inner rock spirit. “How many times do I have to say? / Nothing comes without a price to pay?” chants the four. Seriously, nothing comes without a price…except playing this song, absolutely gratis:

“It is a song that fits with Bend Sinister’s way of life, rolling against the grain. It urges us to take notice of the world and take action, but also realizes how hard it can be to look past the blinders of our own personal lives.” shared the band.

Describing their sound as “ROCK N ROLL! POWER POP!” Bend Sinister is the type of band that has been seasoned with a nomadic lifestyle and all the craziness that comes with it. having traveled in vans, planes, buses, and played in gazillion stages, Bend Sinister has already built a solid cult fanbase . They have already released seven albums and are planning to roll out a new EP soon. As of now they have a show date coming up:

9/15 – Multiple Venues (Victoria, Canada)