The Rigs Soundtracked Your “Fall Or Fly” Response To Heartbreak

When you’re caught in the breakup waters, you can either fall or fly.

Photo: Courtesy of Magic Tree Productions

Los Angeles duo, The Rigs, brings our emotional defense mechanism into the synthpop arena with their hauntingly lush single “Fall or Fly”. When it comes to danger, you can choose to fight-or-flight; however, when it comes to a relationship that is deteriorating, you can choose to fall into further into the mess or fly the fuck out. Starting with soft and subtly eerie silence, “Fall or Fly” is deceivingly calming in the beginning before it bursts into lush arrangements of synths mixed with emotive beats that shower your ears. Hit play:

Comprised of TJ Stafford and Caitlin Parrott, The Rigs started songsmithing in 2014 and has their work featured in major TV shows such as True Blood, The Walking Dead, Parenthood, Pretty Little Liars, and etc. This is not surprising since their sound has a theatrical effect on you that amplifies your senses…it is almost as if their sound is an emotional steroid (in a good way).

As of now, the duo hasn’t announced any tour dates yet.