Martin Garrix’ New Video “Pizza” Has Only 11 Seconds Of Actual Pizza

This video seriously suffers pizza deficiency.

Photo: Martin Garrix – Pizza (Official Video) YouTube

We love Martin Garrix…he’s hot and fills up big stadiums. But his new video “Pizza” suffers from serious pizza porn deficiency. We were THRILLED when we saw the title only to be deceived with 11 seconds of actual pizza porn. There are more close-ups to his face than pizza. Tragedy:

The only times where you can actually see pizza are (excludes moments when pizza is stuffed in his mouth):

2:33 – 2:34

2:39 – 2:40

2:49 – 2:51

3:38 – 3:39

4:09 – 4:13

Martin Garrix, you failed to do justice to pizza.

He has tour dates, but we won’t list them cus we didn’t get the pizza porn we deserved.